Wenzhou Riyi Fasteners  Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 in Wenzhou.

 Riyi Fasteners   is a standard day's focus on custom new fastener, strong research and development capabilities of non-standard fasteners manufacturers.
We are equipped with professional backbone team.
The introduction of advanced multi-cold heading equipment, production of fastener products highly generalized, improved production technology, complete supporting products have been used in domestic shipbuilding, railways, electronics, electrical appliances, motors, cars, motorcycles , lighting, construction, household appliances, furniture, aerospace, military and other industries, export products exported to the world.
Factory long-term development of customized various cold heading fasteners, red forging fasteners, stampings, instrumentation car parts and other products.
Superb production technology to solve problems encountered in the production of non-standard products, but also so that many products with high precision manual lathes, profiled red forging products for high-speed cold heading production, from raw materials we handle cold heading wire drawing → heat treatment → → surface, to achieve the production of one-stop services to better serve you save costs, improve quality and efficiency. .
  After years of development, in a wide range of experience to draw on the basis of tradition, and the gathering the essence of modern hardware, and constantly improve the excellent form our factory unique production technology, has always been sincere service, advanced technology, reliable quality, well received by customers praise. We are committed to "Your satisfaction is our pursuit of our objectives, please let us help you solve the problem."
 Riyi Fasteners   loyal customers to thank the support of friends, because they have your support, only Riyi Fasteners  today. At the same time look forward to our new customers and friends to join, you are welcome to come to guidance and inspection.
The main production processes: cold heading (high-speed cold heading machine, extended cold heading machine, multi-station cold heading machine can process diameter: M1-M20 nut bolts M2-M20) mainly for standard parts, production of non-standard parts, steam-standard and other products.
Advantages: efficiency, low cost, good molding appearance.
Disadvantages: High tooling costs required products have a certain MOQ.

Red forging (machinable diameter: M8-M100) focused on some of the newly developed or less cold heading molding products can not.
Advantages: processed disproportionately large head cold or not forming large specialty products, not much on the MOQ requirements.
Disadvantages: Slow efficiency, after forming a high appearance requirements generally require grinder or lathe finishing.

Lathes (small instrument lathes, automatic meter lathe,) major cost savings for some of the subsequent process the number of non-standard products can not be achieved using multi-station machine production.
Advantages: For a small amount of savings to customers multi-station machine tooling costs or less costly without using cold heading products. Disadvantages: efficient than cold heading slowly fall on tolerance instability.

Bench primarily directed internally threaded bore or products.

Trimming (punching, automatic trimming machine) mainly for hexagon head, square head, triangle head bolts and other products.

Milling (milling machine) can not be cold heading mainly slotting or milling end products for non-standard series.

Roll (rolling machine, thread rolling machines) bolt subsequent process, which can pass only the most accurate gauge 6H.

Heat treatment (quenching and tempering, hardening, carburizing) high strength bolts tune of hardened subsequent process is generally 8.8 -12.9 level 4.8 products can be improved surface hardness by carburizing.

Surface treatment (hot and cold plating, dacromet, black oxide) process last fastener manufacturing processes required for a number of major rust and corrosion products, improve the appearance of the product.


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